Buzz Rickards is a security guard at Ohio Research University where he works the late shift, monitoring the security footage in the various research labs.

After Heather unwittingly uses her spider powers to clean up Dr. Lambha's lab, she and Sahira work on getting past Buzz and finding and destroying the security camera footage. Sahira uses her sex appeal to keep Buzz occupied while Heather sneaks in through the window. However, she finds difficulty sneaking into the place.

Buzz plays along with Sahira, even though he knew from the get-go what she was trying to do. Sensitive to her plight, he deletes the footage on his own since he felt bad that Sahira was trying so hard.

Sahira is moved by Buzz's generosity and gives him her phone number. He doesn't feel right, since she was just doing all that to get the footage in the first place. However, she finds something special in him.

Buzz and Sahira are soon seeing each other regularly.

He and Spinnerette kill Colonel Glass and cremate his body.

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