Evil 90's Canadian Super Villains
Panel 6. Roccio Zuchhi; "Evil 90's Canadian Supervillains"; Drawling, spinnyverse; hiveworks, 13 July 2015; Web; 13 August 2015.


Issue 21


Evil 90's Mirror Universe


Evil Canadian Empire


The Editor


Spinnerette, SA Spinnerette, DA Spinnerette

Evil 90's Canadian Supervillains Edit

Background Edit

As the name suggests the Evil 90's Canadian Supervillains are a counterpart to the League of Canadian Superheroes, who come from an evil 90's mirror universe. In their universe Canada has conquered the entire world. The Editor summoned this team to fight against the three Spinnerettes, after each Spinnerette defeated her Evil Spinnerette counterpart.

Team Members Edit

Evil Gabe

Evil London

Evil Minerva

Evil Katt


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