Appearance Edit

Like his good counter part Evil Gabe his well built male with long braided red hair, who cross dresses. Unlike Green Gable though, Evil Gabe wheres a black dress with red frills, red belt that has a Canadian emblem, black shoes with red buttons, a red neckerchief, a red bow on his braid, and a black witches hat with a red band and skull emblem.

Powers Edit

Unlike Green Gable Evil Gabe has magical power that let him summon two ghost familiars named Katie Maurice and Violetta.

Katie Maurice Edit

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Katie looks like a chibi version of Green Gable except she, being a ghost is blue and white

Violetta Edit

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Violetta has darker and thicker hair than Kattie and stumpier pigtails

Personality Edit

Evil Gabe has a sadistic personality and takes enjoyment out of rending people souls.