The Genetic Infusion Chamber was a creation of Dr. Lambha, which he built in his lab at Ohio Research University. The chamber's purpose was to cross-connect the DNA of different species. Dr. Lambha's area of research was arachnids. Prior to the start of the series, he had already successfully tested his device on several large species of tarantula.

The GIC consisted of several components. The first was a tank of water, into which the test subject(s) would be placed to provide a stable environment. There were numerous power supply and monitoring equipment racks surrounding the tank. The most obvious component of the GIC was the Genetic Infusion Ray, a ray-gun like device which hung over the tank.


Dr. Lambha designed and built the GIC with substantial financial and technical backing from Dr. Universe. Unknown to the staff of ORU, Universe provided Lambha with a Cherenkov-Kirby Reactor to use in his design. The supervillain had intended the doctor's design be used to direct affect the biological-nuclear reaction that gave superheroes (and supervillains) their powers.

The first GIC was destroyed when Dr. Lambha's assistant, Heather Brown, while cleaning up the lab late one night. She slipped and fell into the tank, and the ray activated. The systems were not calibrated to handle a test subject of such mass, and the ray overloaded and exploded into flaming shards all over the lab. Heather climbed out of the tank, discovering that she now had six arms and the proportional strength and agility of a spider.

Heather kept her mutations secret from her boss, indeed, secret from everyone except her roommate, Sahira. With her roommate's help, she crafted the superhero alias, Spinnerette. She continued to work for Dr. Lambha, albeit with much more workplace tension, due to his finding out she had accidentally destroyed his life's work.

Dr. Lambha went back to his financial supporters, including Lambha, asking for additional funding to reconstruct the GIC. Dr. Universe supplied him with what he needed to continue.