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Spinnerette, Mecha Maid, Tiger, Katt O' Nine Tails, Werewolf of London, Ontario, Minerva


Dr. Universe, Greta Gravity

Green Gable, known as Gabe to his teammates, is the leader of the League of Canadian Superheroes. He is a descendant of the original Anne of Green Gables, who originated a family of superheroes.  He is the latest iteration of these heroes.

His costume is a hereditary costume belonging to the Green Gables, featuring a dress adorned with the "GG" logo, wide-brimmed summer hat, and stockings. He also wears his red hair in a pair of braided pig-tails. Originally, the Green Gables have all been women, and the costume reflects this. He states that he wears it out of a sense of tradition, to the extent that he now feels strange wearing trousers.


Green Gable has a bright and optimistic personality.  He is friendly and courteous.  He tends to speak somewhat formally, even around his teammates.

He has a strong moral character, demonstrated during his protest against Tiger's treatment of Minerva during issue 6.


Green Gable does not possess any superpowers.  However, he comes from a family of superheroes, and has stated that he has been training for his role his entire life.  He is very muscular, and although he does not fight any of the foes featured in Spinnerette he presumably knows hand to hand combat.

Green Gable is a tactician and leader.  When the League encounters enemies Gable is the one who forms the battle plan and directs his teammates in battle.