League of Canadian Superheroes
League of canadian superheroes by krazykrow-d38ulha




Green Gable(Leader)

Werewolf of London, Ontario

Katt O' Nine Tails


Captain Alberta (suspended)


Spinnerette, Mecha Maid, Tiger, Ben Franklin.


Dr. Universe, Greta Gravity, Captain Alberta

The team consists of Katt O' Nine Tails, Werewolf of London, Ontario, Minerva, and leader Green Gable. Captain Alberta was a member of the group, but was suspended until he completed sensitivity training. Upon returning, with less than half of his sensitivity training complete, he was outraged to learn that Minerva had joined the team. Things escalated, and Green Gable kicked him off the team.

Due to Canada's refusal to allow superheroes to operate independently of the government and law enforcement, each member is an officer in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  This, however, means that the team is government funded and supported.